The Beginning of Infinity (2015/16)

Full DH video, 10:39


A skyline pushes slowly out of the darkness at the top of the frame. A nearly black, technical plant rises against the light, a dolly shot through a long tunnel, deserted corridors in an industrial building, a planet that slowly drifts away.

„The Beginning of Infinity“ is an experimental and visual research into the technological sublime, it's legacy and the vision of a possible future. It is a stroll through a distant but known world incorporating both the universe of mechanics and nature. It is a documentary of lived experiences and a collage of future memories. 

The plot employs real footage shot on research trips to industrial monuments and architectural features that we find in remote areas in the USA but also in Europe or while traveling on a container ship to Egypt. The video  fathoms a view from the future onto the past, which lets such legacies become monuments to society's own ideas of utopia. Shifting between time and space, it is the view through a looking glass that tries to determine the distant future.